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You never know what’s around the corner. It could be something good. Or it might be an unfortunate event that makes you really happy to have a safety net. By safety net we mean insurance. Typically insurance is a ‘grudge purchase’, until the day you need it. Then it’s the best investment you ever made. This website will help you to identify which types of insurance you need and what to look for before you buy a policy. We’re not aligned with any insurers, so you can trust our information to be unbiased and transparent.

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It’s our vision to make the #1 trusted source of insurance information for New Zealanders, just as we’ve done with for home loans. We’re adding content all the time, so watch this space!

House Insurance
Your biggest asset is also your biggest financial risk, so getting house cover is like drinking water – it has to be done. Before you grab the first policy you see, learn about the why, what and how of house insurance.
Contents Insurance
All the things you own, apart from real estate and vehicles, fall into the contents insurance camp. Collectively they add up to a tidy sum that deserves protection. Discover the ins and outs of contents cover here.
Car Insurance
Vehicle cover protects your freedom and mobility, as well as your investment. By equipping your car, ute, truck or motorcycle with suitable insurance, a bad day on the road won’t result in major financial damage.
Health & Wealth Insurance
Protect your ability to earn an income, support dependents and get the medical attention you need with insurance that looks after quality of life. The right mix of life and health insurance helps to keep the future positive.
Travel Insurance
Travel is huge fun, but if something goes wrong it can become a nightmare. That’s why it’s smart to pack travel insurance to help with medical bills, new flights, legal costs, rental car excesses and more.
Pet Insurance
Medical bills for furry friends can be surprisingly expensive, because they’re not subsidised by the government like ours are. That’s why pet insurance is becoming more popular than extra toys and treats.

Take a wander through our Learning Centre.

Knowledge is power. It’s also a path to better decisions, smarter time management and bigger money savings. By visiting our Learning Centre before you sign up for any type of insurance cover, you’ll be able to ask the right questions and get protection that does what it’s meant to do.
Helpful Guides
Our insurance guides give you the comprehensive information you need to understand each type of cover. You’ll learn the why, what and how much.
Insurance Insights
Insights are shorter articles that answer often-asked questions about insurance. They’re great for a quick hit of facts before you make decisions or talk to an insurer.