Pet care that goes deeper than food and fun.

Next-level care for your furry companions.

Don’t let dollars stand in the way of treatment.

Companion animals give you emotional support, unconditional love and endless entertainment. In return, you provide food, shelter and…pet insurance! While it’s no fun to think of your fur-friend getting sick or having an accident, these things happen and they can be expensive to treat. Having insurance cover for your best four-legged buddy means you don’t have to worry about the cost of emergency care. You can even get cover for regular vet checks.

A complete guide to pet insurance

For many New Zealanders, pets are essential companions. They offer unconditional love and emotional support. They enhance our well-being, reduce stress and bring daily joy to our lives. And they make us feel needed, which is especially important as we get older. In return, we provide our furry friends with

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