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Strategies for protecting your quality of life.

Through good times and bad.

Life insurance and health insurance are powerful support systems for protecting your future plans and dreams. Life insurance looks after your financial wellbeing by helping out if you get sick, and taking care of your nearest and dearest if you’re no longer around. Health insurance makes sure you can afford quality healthcare as soon as it’s needed, so you can focus on getting better without worrying about medical bills.

The complete guide to health insurance in NZ

Like most forms of insurance, health insurance (aka medical insurance) provides peace of mind – even if you never have to use it. Many people realise that good health is one of their most important assets and are prepared to pay for health insurance, so they can have the best

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The complete guide to income protection insurance

Your ability to earn an income is potentially the most valuable thing you have. Without it, you’d be relying on savings, selling assets, and the kindness of family and friends. That’s why income protection cover is relevant to every New Zealander with a job. The health risks that can quickly

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Health insurance for pre-existing conditions

Many people who have a pre-existing medical condition think insurance companies won’t want to provide them with health insurance. But that’s not always the case. This article is designed to help you understand what might be possible, so that you can shop around or get professional advice from someone like

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Do you need life insurance for a mortgage?

The short answer is no. Life insurance is not compulsory when you borrow to buy a property. However, it’s definitely something you should consider. In this article we look at the type of insurance you definitely need to get a mortgage, why life insurance could also be a good idea

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