A complete guide to house insurance in New Zealand

While house or home insurance is not compulsory in New Zealand, it’s usually required when you have a mortgage. It also makes a lot of sense, given your home is your largest investment and where you and your family live. Partial or complete destruction of your home could be something you never recover from if […]

How much is house insurance in New Zealand?

The cost of house insurance in New Zealand depends on the age and size of your house, as well as things like construction materials, general condition and where it’s located. Premiums vary between insurance companies, as do the benefits offered by each insurer. The only way to get a clear picture of the cost landscape […]

What does house insurance cover?

House insurance, aka home insurance, is designed to protect the structures on your property – your house, plus other things like the garage and fences. House insurance also covers swimming pools and built-in spa pools. It’s important not to confuse house insurance with contents insurance, which looks after all the belongings in your home and […]