How much is pet insurance in NZ?

Vet bills can be surprisingly hefty, because they’re not subsidised by the government. Before the days of pet insurance, people confronted with unaffordable vet charges had no option but to have their beloved furry friend humanely put down. Today, we have more options and many New Zealanders now see the cost of pet insurance as […]

What does pet insurance typically cover?

Health treatment for pets is not subsidised by the government, so it’s usually much more expensive than care for people. In New Zealand, pet insurance typically reimburses you for all or some of your vet bills if your dog or cat has an unexpected injury or illness. Ideally you’ll never have to use it, but […]

A complete guide to pet insurance

For many New Zealanders, pets are essential companions. They offer unconditional love and emotional support. They enhance our well-being, reduce stress and bring daily joy to our lives. And they make us feel needed, which is especially important as we get older. In return, we provide our furry friends with food, shelter, cuddles and games. […]