One-way travel insurance

Are you heading overseas or to another part of New Zealand with no plans to return? You can still get travel insurance, but you won’t be eligible for some policies. Even if you do intend to return, but will depart before booking your return flight, some travel insurance policies will have special conditions or not […]

The complete guide to travel insurance

Most people buy travel insurance so they can relax and enjoy their trip, without worrying about how they’d cope if something went wrong. They’re usually concerned about getting their money back after a cancellation, protecting belongings and paying for urgent health care overseas. Fewer people think about being sued for accidentally injuring someone or damaging […]

Domestic travel insurance

Many New Zealanders don’t think about getting travel insurance for a domestic holiday. However, there are some significant benefits to covering your New Zealand explorations that you’ve probably never thought of. What’s more, cover for domestic travel is surprisingly cheap. This article provides a high-level summary of what domestic travel insurance typically offers. It can […]