The complete guide to TPD (total and permanent disability) cover

How would you cope with becoming totally and permanently disabled? It could happen because of a medical event, like a stroke, or it could be the result of a vehicle or sporting accident. While it’s tempting to think this kind of personal disaster will never happen to you, total disability becomes the new reality for […]

The complete guide to income protection insurance

Your ability to earn an income is potentially the most valuable thing you have. Without it, you’d be relying on savings, selling assets, and the kindness of family and friends. That’s why income protection cover is relevant to every New Zealander with a job. The health risks that can quickly derail your income are long-term […]

The complete guide to major medical health cover

If you’ve arrived on this page, the question on your mind is probably “do I need private hospital cover in a country with a mostly-decent public health system?” It’s likely you have family or friends who say hospital cover isn’t necessary, because the public health system takes care of urgent and acute surgery and treatment. […]

The complete guide to health insurance in NZ

Like most forms of insurance, health insurance (aka medical insurance) provides peace of mind – even if you never have to use it. Many people realise that good health is one of their most important assets and are prepared to pay for health insurance, so they can have the best possible care as soon as […]

The complete guide to primary care (day-to-day) health cover

If you’re thinking about getting health insurance, you might be trying to decide between a day-to-day health expenses type of cover or a policy that just takes care of the big, unexpected things. Both have their merits, but the benefits they offer are quite different. In this guide, we take a closer look at primary […]

The complete guide to life cover

Life is unpredictable and nobody can say for sure how long they’re going to live. This is something we all know, but don’t really want to think about. It’s not a cheerful topic. However, if you have dependents that rely on you for financial support, it’s important to think about how they’d cope without you. […]

The complete guide to trauma cover

Ongoing advancements in modern medicine have increased the likelihood of surviving serious illnesses or conditions. We all know of people who are successfully living with cancer, heart problems and diseases that would have been a death sentence two or three decades ago. These days, it’s estimated that one in three New Zealanders who get cancer […]

The complete guide to life insurance in NZ

If you’re reading this guide, it’s possible there’s change going on in your life. Usually people think about getting life insurance when something big is going on – like buying a house, having a baby, finding a forever partner or starting work for the first time. When the need for financial protection shows up, life […]